Motion & Blur is a boutique marketing agency based in Brisbane. We are a full service agency that provides brands with content creation, and an array of digital marketing services to help businesses refine and grow their brand in an online marketplace. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the brand, target audience, and focus points, before we draw up our strategy. Our aim, as an agency, is two fold: to establish our client’s true marketing needs and to deliver on all fronts. 

Motion & Blur is an agency made up of marketers, photographers, writers, and innovative creators, looking to bridge the gap between visual and technical content, to guarantee our content does more than just look good. We create captivating, distinctive visual content, backed up with a fool-proof marketing strategy to help brands grow, while making a name for themselves.

Motion & Blur will help you set your brand’s dreams in motion, blurring the lines between appealing content and effective marketing. 


Our Clients